Are your products high-quality?
Our products are made of platinum silicone and high quality TPE materials. We guarantee our product is safe and non-toxic with quality inspection certificate.
What are the advantages of TPE and silicone?
TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, sometimes known as thermoplastic rubbers. TPE dolls are soft and elastic texture, providing a very life-like touch and it is cheaper.   Silicone is the most resistant material. It can withstand high temperatures of 220 degrees. The silicone doll won’t be dyed and can achieve a very realistic effect. Silicone is better in terms of quality.  
The color will fade and hard to clean?
The color of doll will not fade. We have cleaner for easy cleaning. In addition, you are able to choose an interchangeable private part.  You can take out the private part of the body separately for cleaning.  
Is there any difference between the real object and the picture?
There is no difference between the product itself and the picture because our picture are taken from the real objects. Our official website picture was taken by camera and the shipment picture was taken by mobile phone. Somehow there will be little difference in pixels between the pictures but the product quality will not be affected.
How long does it usually take to receive the doll?
The length of time is different depend on the individual order. Generally, you will receive the doll in 2-3 weeks after place the order.  
How to return or exchange?
Before shipment from the factory, a dedicated staff will conduct a full-body QC inspection of each cargo to ensure that the cargo is packaged and shipped without any problems. If the cargo is damaged during the express delivery or is slightly damaged by other reasons, the factory supports returning to the factory for repairs. If the cargo is badly damaged, our factories support return and exchange of the goods.   If the doll is slightly damaged, we will negotiate with the customer for compensation, and will not return to the factory. If the doll is badly damaged. We will send the replacement doll to the customer.
After-sales problem?
The customer needs to check the goods when receiving the goods and make sure to confirm the receipt after checking.  After the customer confirms the receipt of the goods, the customer can pay the round-trip postage and return it to the factory for repair.
Other Questions?
If the goods have quality problems or are sent wrong, our factory supports return and exchange, excluding artificial problems. Always use talcum powder (use added lubricant)

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