Game Lady – 165cm – Nozomi Harasaki

Game Lady – 165cm – Nozomi Harasaki


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  • Lady No: 16_1
  • Skintone: Fair

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Height: 165 cm
Body height (without head): 147 cm
Net weight: 37,9 kg
Bust: 89 cm
Under Bust: 65 cm
57 cm
Hips: 99,5 cm
Neck: 33 cm
Shoulder width: 34 cm
Arm length: 64,5 cm
Hand length: 16 cm
Leg length: 78 cm
Foot length: 20,5 cm
Vaginal depth: 16,5 cm
Anal depth: 15 cm
Material: silicone

Body details:


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